Sunday, August 29, 2010



UNTAMED: — adj not cultivated, domesticated, or controlled.

SHREW: 2- an ill-tempered scolding woman

Synonyms: battle-ax (or battle-axe), dragon lady, fury, harpy, harridan, termagant, virago, vixen

Related Words: fishwife, gorgon; carper, castigator, caviler (or caviller), censurer, critic, faultfinder, nitpicker, railer, scold; belittler, derider, detractor; pettifogger, quibbler[+]more

Now for some Shakespeare analysis that offers a little somethin' somethin' different. I will dissect and examine all the Bard's works through a Feminist's lens, a twist of ethnic intellectuality, and a splash of Lesbi-tonic.

DISCLAIMERS: I am by no means an expert on the subject nor will I pretend to be. I am not some hoighty-toighty, bow-tie wearing Professor Pitstain from blah, blah, blah Ivy League University with yada, yada, yada credentials or anything like that, so please, do not use this blog as cliff-notes for your school paper. You will FAIL, epically, if you attempt to do so. You are reading a blog from someone who reads books like, "Shakespeare For Dummies", and the "No Fear Shakespeare" series, so you have been warned.

The opinions of this blog are not necessarily...anyone else's. Just mine. I consider this to be my very own, open, personal Shakespeare journal, so I will be as judgemental as I please. Don't get me wrong. I am a HUGE fan, or else I would not have bothered with this. I enjoy his goods immensely, however, I believe there is much that can be learned from it all, if we really take the time to look and think about it.

I am going to take every single play: comedy, tragedy, and histories, and his sonnets, and break it down, my way. To give you an idea of what the "table of contents" will be like each time, it will go something like this: (whenever and wherever applicable) 1 - LIST OF THE CAST, 2 - SYNOPSIS OF THE STORY, 3- MY ANALYSIS. As simple as that. Take it for what it is.

So, if you can deal with what will probably be a pretty biased, opinionated, and quite possibly at times crude critique and commentary, then welcome!

Hey, I ain't the "Untamed Shrew" for nothin'.


  1. EPIC!

    By the by...the cruder, the better :)

    XOXO "Bran"

  2. Love it! Just posted your link at:!/group.php?gid=119899154688265

    you can join if you want to.

    William S.

  3. Thanks for reading William S! And I appreciate the linkage. I'll definitely check it out!